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Power Panel:

With iHost, it possible to self manage all aspects of your web hosting and email accounts in real-time, using just your web browser. This puts you in TOTAL CONTROL!

We offer two types of hosting control panel, which are dependant on what hosting plan you are on. Details of our two hosting control panels are below.

Powel Panel Control Panel:
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Our Starter, Silver & Gold Web Hosting Plans, come with Power Panel. Power Panel is the worlds leading Control Panel, and one of easiest and most widely used hosting control panels there is.

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Hosting Management Console:
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Our Corporate & Business Web Hosting Plans, come with a new powerful New Zealand developed Hosting Control Panel, that has been specially developed for this particular hosting network.

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Click to enlargeThe Power Panel Control Panel:
[used on our Starter, Silver & Gold Web Hosting Plans]

Power Panel is the worlds leading web hosting control panel. We have chosen Power Panel, because it is such an easy to use management console, yet it has many advanced features that you won't find in any other control panel. It provides users with the ability to manage their email accounts, databases, statistics and automatically install third party software, using just their web browser, with just a few clicks of the mouse!
Power Panel is used by thousands of Web hosting providers all around the world, reinforcing its popularity as the worlds leading control panel.

Below is an overview of some of Power Panel's™ main features:

FTP Manager:
The FTP manager allows you to add/remove FTP accounts for multiple user access.
File Manager:
As well as using FTP, you can also upload your files to your hosting space through the control panel.
Mail Manager;
Add / modify / remove Email Accounts. Setup autoresponders, email lists, forwarders, spam filtering etc
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Setup subdomains of your domain name to use for other parts of your website. eg. subdomain.yourdomain.co.nz

Spam Assassin:
SpamAssassin™ is a mail filter to identify 'spam' in incoming emails. This feature is include FREE on all hosting accounts.
Detailed Website Statistics:
Find out how many people visit your website, what pages they are viewing, and where they came from.
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Access your mail from any computer connected to the internet! Perfect for when you travel.
Softaculous Premium:
A fantastic selection of Open Source Scripts to enhance your website. These can be installed with just a couple of clicks. *Not available with our Small Plan.
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MySQL Databases and phpMyAdmin:
Available on most of our our Power Panel Web Hosting Plans.
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Password Protect Directories:
Protect sensitive information, and webpages.
Custom Error Pages:
Customize Your Sites Error Pages. eg. 404 page not found
Network Tools:
Do Website Lookups and Traceroutes.
Pre installed CGI Scripts:
These include Site Counters, Guestbooks etc. We don't support any of these third party scripts.

Disk Usage:
Keep track of how much diskspace you are using, and how much bandwidth you are using.

Cron Jobs:
Automate your scripts. It allows you to run commands at any time you specify.

» More Details on Power Panel Main Features & Screenshots:

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» Power Panel 11.x Overview » Email Management
» Website Statistics » Database Management
» Softaculous Premium  

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» Website Management Console - Power Panel 11 .x Overview:
Manage all aspects of your web hosting account from within the Power Panel Management Console, in real-time, using just your web browser.

The Power Panel Web Console Screenshot
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» Website Statistics:
Power Panel comes with a number of different statistical programs to allow you to view your website stats, including AWStats. AWStats is a short for Advanced Web Statistics, a powerful comprehensive website statistics programme, that can be used to analyse your website's performance. Click here for more information about website statistics.

AW Stats Screenshot

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» Email Management:
Setup email boxes when you want, in real-time! You can also setup your email to forward to other mailbox account. The email console also features webmail, allowing you to check your email wherever you are in the world!

Email Account Manager Screenshot

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» Database Management:
The phpMyAdmin interface, allows easy administration of your website databases. Databases can be added and modified in real-time, via the easy to use console.

phpMyAdmin Interface Screenshot

[Click image to enlarge]

This is just a small taste of what Power Panel is capable of. The Power Panel interface may differ visually from the one represented on this website. However functionally it will be very similar.

The Hosting Management Console:
[used on our Corporate Web Plans]

The Hosting Management Console has been designed to put you in 'total control' of your website hosting in real time. It works with both windows and linux web hosting. The Hosting Management Console allows you to do the following using just your web browser:

Add Domain names with pre-defined DNS templates
Add statistics to your website
Add mailboxes and assign email addresses
Create auto-response email messages when on holiday
Restrict access to folders with passwords
Create FTP users and assign folders and space quotas
Add mySQL & PSQL databases and manage via your Web Browser
Browse your folders and set permissions and ownership
Manage MX, A, and C Name records
Built in Knowledge Base

» Screenshots of the Hosting Management Console

Introduction Screen
Account Overview
'Quick Add' Page

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[click thumbnail to enlarge]

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[click thumbnail to enlarge]

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[click thumbnail to enlarge]

Using the Quick Add feature users can set up Domains, mailboxes, databases and much more.

Folder Browser
Knowledge Base
Setup Email Accounts

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[click thumbnail to enlarge]

With the folder browser, you can setup folder permissions, and password protect certain folders.

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[click thumbnail to enlarge]

The console comes with it's own built in knowledge base, where many answers to popular questions can be found. It also contains details to standard server settings.

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[click thumbnail to enlarge]

Create mailboxes and attach email addresses to them, or forward addresses on to external mailboxes, or multiple recipients.

Manage Mailboxes
Setup Email Auto-responders
Manage Your Domain Name

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[click thumbnail to enlarge]

Setup email addresses, auto responders, and anti spam settings, for each mailbox.

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[click thumbnail to enlarge]

Using scheduled auto-responders you can set 'away' messages so when you're away from the office people emailing you will get an auto-response with your specified 'away' message.

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[click thumbnail to enlarge]

Manage, Register, Renew your domain names from inside the Domain Manager

Webmail Inbox
Webmail Write Email
Webmail Calender

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As well as using your regular email client to retrieve your email, you can also retrieve your email anywhere in the world by using webmail.
From within webmail, you can do most things that you can do within your regular email client software, including composing and sending emails, and receiving your emails.
Above is the webmail inbox.

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[click thumbnail to enlarge]

Webmail includes either an HTML email editor, or a plain text email editor.

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Webmail also includes a built in Calender, where you can enter dates and events.

Website Statistics

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[click thumbnail to enlarge]

View detailed statistics for you website via your web browser.

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Manage your MYSQL databases through the phpMyAdmin web based console.



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