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Should I choose Linux or Windows Hosting?

Deciding whether you would like host on a Linux or Windows 2003 hosting environment, all depends on what software and scripts you will be running on your website.

For simple static websites, it really makes no difference which platform you host your website on, however we recommend Linux. With linux there is a lot more Open Source software (free to use) available for it, should you wish to add more features to your website in the future.

Irrespective of whether your website is on a Windows 2003 server, or on a Linux server, the end user who is browsing your website on the internet, will not notice any difference when browsing your website. The difference between a Windows 2003 and Linux hosting platform is solely in the backend software on the server.

For the vast majority of websites, hosting your website on a linux server would be the best option, and you would only look at hosting your website on a Windows 2003 server, if you or your website's developer was planning on programming in Microsoft's ASP programming language.

Reliability wise, both Linux and Windows servers offer similar reliability, although Linux does still have the edge over Windows servers.

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